Wednesday, 12 November 2014

The Memory of Winter

Today as I was walking to my office hours (I am a volunteer secretary for the History Society at my school), I felt very strongly for the first time this season that the energy was shifting towards winter. The air seems to be filled with the memory of winter, its almost as if the earth up here in the Northern hemisphere is remembering how to fall asleep. And as I was walking I literally felt like I could feel the memories of past winters drifting by me as my body was trying to sync up with the earth.

I think we forget how deeply intertwined with nature we are, even as witches. I feel that I constantly have to pull myself out of the drone of daily tasks or rather that I find myself pulled out of it when I remember nature around me. Then suddenly there I am just sitting still typing away on the internet or doing the dishes and I notice that the sun has set and feel the moon's energy increasing, even though from my basement apartment I can't actually see the moon.

Maybe its yesterday having been Remembrance day or just simply the time of year but either way I feel that the essence of memory is just swirling everywhere right now.

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Why I'm not Celebrating Samhain on October 31st

    Lately I've been feeling a little overwhelmed hearing everyone talking about Samhain or Halloween tomorrow. I mean yes the veil is thin and yes the time of the new year is approaching but at the same time must the steadfastly be allocated to October 31st? I don't think so. I've found myself wondering time and time again as of late why the Samhain is celebrated tomorrow when the full moon isn't until next week September 6? I mean given that the practices of witch's are so deeply intertwined with the lunar cycle and ancient agricultural practices does it really make sense to tie our New Year firmly into one date?

      On a video that I did today on YouTube, called Thoughts on Samhain discussing these exact same sentiments Ginger Fyre whose blog you can check out here, commented in regards to Samhain being practiced on the full moon "that it [Halloween or Samhain] is or was probably [celebrated in the past in] a more fluid time of full moon occurrence rather than a set date". I totally, totally agree I think that Samhain is not linked to one date of the Gregorian Calendar (our current secular calender) but rather to the lunar cycles of old.

      This is not to say this it is incorrect to celebrate your witchy New Year tomorrow, by all means if that feels right for you then go for it, one hundred percent. However, for me celebrating Samhain tomorrow just doesn't feel right it feels like, for lack of a better comparison, celebrating the full moon when it is still waxing.

      So tomorrow night, because I live in an area where I don't expect any trick-or-treaters I am going to celebrate a secular Halloween of sorts (with daily magic). I am going to carve a pumpkin and watch scary movies and eat chocolate with the wonderful man in my life. Then, in about a week's time around November 6th when the moon is full I will have my Samhain celebration.

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